The Office

The Office "Schrute Buck" Coffee Mug

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  • GREAT GIFTS FOR ANY OFFICE FAN: With this mug, you get 1 Schrute Buck, worth approximately 0.0001 US Dollars, like in the Office it might buy you a few extra minutes during your next coffee break. This is just the mug you, or a friend needs around the workplace.
  • GREAT FOR AT HOME USE: Take the one and only currency worth having a home as you use this mug for your morning coffee routine! Whatever warm beverage you prefer, the Schrute Buck has your best interests at heart.
  • MORE THAN JUST A MUG: Make sure you have a Schrute Buck on you in case Dwight catches you spending too much time during lunch. Place this mug on your desk and use it for utensils, whatever you're doing at work make sure you have one on you.
  • A SCRANTON ORIGINAL: Schrute Bucks are easily destroyed, make sure you keep the integrity of the Schrute Buck intact. Do not microwave this mug, and only wash it gently by hand.
  • DUNDER MIFFLIN APPROVED: The Office merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 16 oz Coffee Mug, imported. Ages 14+
Don't leave your house without your Schrute Bucks! The cost of having a slightly longer lunch period is at stake, so be sure you have this mug before getting caught by the Assistant to the Regional Manager. Dwight is a stickler for the rules, make sure you get yourself a mug today! The Schrute Buck, created by Dwight Schrute is a unique currency only available for Dunder Mifflin employees, by having 10 of these you can pay your way into a more privileged working environment. All fans of the Office will recognize this iconic design on this mug.