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My Hero Academia - Show Off Your Quirks with Collectibles
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My Hero Academia - Show Off Your Quirks with Collectibles

It's official! The new season of My Hero Academia is almost upon us and the best way to show your love for the series is with these awesome new collectibles! From All-Might to the League of Villians to Class 1-A, we got you covered with everything that you might need!


Let's start off with this amazing carnival cup featuring All-Might himself! This molded cup is perfect for any adventure and will help give you the strength to defeat any foe!

Next up is this awesome blanket showing off some of the League of Villians mightest (and straight up scariest) members! You can join in on Himiko's next obsession or get to know Dabi a bit better with this super comfortable and soft fleece blanket! 

Finally, we have this fantastic Class 1-A water bottle featuring all favorite soon to be heroes! You got to stay hydrated while watching that new season so pick up this water bottle toady to quench that thirst!

Is that not enough for you? Then check out our whole line up of MHA merch here:

My Hero Academia Party Supplies | Shop Chopsticks, Cups, Mugs and Bowls – Stunned Mind

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