Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Molded Ceramic Container | 5.5” x 3.5” Inches

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  • GREAT GIFT FOR MAGICAL GIRLS: Fill this container and bring out your “Moon Cosmic Power!”. The sailor scouts know all about style and grace, making this the perfect accessory to show off to all of your friends
  • IN THE NAME OF THE MOON: Punish the Dark Kingdom with the power of a sailor scout in your home! The sailor scouts will protect whatever possessions you place inside the container. Guaranteeing safe keeping and maximum power.
  • JOIN THE SAILOR GUARDIANS: Join the sailor scouts against the dark forces at work to preserve peace in the galaxy, ensuring the safety of the universe. Feel the prism powers every time you use this container!
  • HANDLE WITH CARE: To avoid assisting the dark powers at work, take great care of this container. The molded ceramic design may break if handled improperly.
  • USAGI APPROVED: Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One Molded Ceramic Container. Imported. Ages 14+


    Bring out your magical girl as you display this lovely magical girl item on your table or countertops! The molded ceramic is as delightful as Sailor Venus’ affinity for love, every fan should have one of these in their home! While you watch your favorite season of Sailor Moon Crystal, use this container and feel like Usagi after getting a rose from Mamoru. Normally Usagi is just an ordinary girl, but in actuality, she is Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium reincarnated! Just like the Sailor Scouts get a second chance at life, rejuvenate your home through the usage of this molded ceramic container! It has the perfect design for any room, allowing it to fit into any decor. It can also be used in so many ways that it would make Usagi's head spin! use it to hold your pens, keys, tacs, food, glitter, magical wands, you name it! it's the perfect addition to any house because of its unique molded ceramic design and nonstop usefulness. Don't be tricked by knock-off Sailor moon merch, come experience the real thing!