Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal 6” x 8” Plastic Divider 288 page Tab Journal

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During a long day of studying exams and fighting the darkness, bring out your inner fan! Great for any day while studying for exams, this is a gift that every magical girl should have, grab a journal today and always have some of your favorite sailor scouts around. Have a magical day at school and display your prism powers for all to see! When it comes to studying or keeping well organized notes for work, grab a stylish tab journal featuring all of the Sailor Scouts. If you’ve been watching from the beginning, or just became a fan from watching Sailor Moon on Netflix and Hulu, these journals are good enough for any fan of the Sailor Scouts, Usagi, Chibi Moon, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury or Artemis and Luna.

A Magical Gift: For those times when you need to be wel organized while fighting darkness. This journal is just what you need for any occasion while looking stylish like Usagi and the Sailor Scouts. Be as clever as a magical girl with this tab journal
In The Name Of The Moon: For those who are fans of Sailor Moon and all of their heroics, you’ll have your very own journal featuring all of the Sailor Scouts. This is one journal that will last as long as the universes greatest saviors
SHOW YOUR MOON PRISM POWERS: Usagi does it best! With this 288 page journal, complete with 5 tabs for each Sailor Scout. Write down reminders for yourself for work or school. Usagi might be a magical girl, but she’s still a student on her off days
Sailor Scouts Prepare: When using this item, remember not to keep your notes safe from darkness! This journal is equip with as much magical power as Sailor Moons magical items
Luna And Artemus Approved: Great merchandise from Sailor Moon Crystal, perfect for gift giving. One 8.07” x 6.3” journal imported. Ages 14+