Naruto Shippuden Wall Scroll (22 x 8 inches)

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Display your Leaf Village pride as you decorate your home with this piece of wall decor and show off your ninja way to all of your friends! Be in the same atmosphere as the rest of Konoha village with this fresh wall art. Celebrate this with all your Naruto Shippuden friends, Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, Tsunade, Obito, Sakura, and Minato, knowing the Hero of the Leaf is there to watch your back!

About this item:

Great Gift For Any Shinobi: Decorate your Ninja base with this wall scroll, featuring the silhouette of your favorite knucklehead ninja! Let out your inner Leaf Shinobi as Naruto and his friends set out to protect the leaf village.

Join The Leaf: While you’re at home binging your favorite anime, this wall scroll is perfect for showing off just how much of a shinobi you are! Like the rest of the Leaf Village, you can show everyone your ninja way!

Express Your Ninja Way: This 22” x 8” Wall Scroll makes a great wall display at home so that you can show it off to your friends in a way that only a Naruto fan could! This will make for a great conversation piece when inviting friends over.

A Quality Ninja Tool: Based on the Ninja scroll Naruto stole as a child, this scroll is great for all fans of the Hidden Leaf Shinobi! Keep your house safe from the likes of the Akatsuki.

Hokage Approved: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 22” x 8” Wall Scroll Imported. Ages 14+