Naruto Shippuden "Leaf Village" Carnival Cup (20 oz)

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For any occasion, be it studying for your Chunin exams, mastering your sage arts, going on patrol, or becoming Hokage it’s a ninja’s job to be prepared. This 16 oz plastic carnival cup is just the tool to keep your Chakra levels up and your body hydrated and master the elements. There’s no better way to show off your “Ninja way” than to have the leaf village with you wherever you go. No leaks or spills will happen while using this product, you can continue your training without worry as this lid prevents spillage when used appropriately. A dependable ninja tool is a good ninja tool. Buy this product today and show everyone your ninja way!


Great For Leaf Shinobi: For those fans wanting to display their Will of “Fire”, grab this bottle to support the brothers of the Uchiha clan. Hydrate yourself as Naruto saves the Great Nations and becomes Hokage with this stylish carnival cup.

Highest Ranked Missions: Refill and reuse this cup while you train to be the next Hokage. Pour an ice-cold beverage and this plastic carnival cup will keep your liquids cold for all of your S-Ranked missions.

Careful On Your Mission: Our quality product holds up to 20 oz with minimal spillage. Perfect for a walk, working out at the gym, and watching your favorite anime online! Shinobi can run on water, but even they require containers for their hydrating liquids.

Leaf Village Approved: Naruto merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 20 oz carnival cup imported. Ages 14+