Official License Naruto Shippuden Acrylic Stand, Featuring Sasuke and his Susanoo, 2 Layer Stand

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A stand fit for a shinobi Susanoo is the most difficult creation an Uchiha can make asside from the black flames! join the quest for Sasuke’s revenge for his clan and the family he lost by having him on your desk/table at work or home. Follow Sasuke as he uncovers the Leaf village’s secrets. This is a piece any fan would want! Konoha’s #1 stand Like any strong Ninja, Sasuke has a lot of skills unique to him. Showcase why he’s the Leaf’s strongest ninja, opposite of Naruto. His thirst for vengance for his family is strong, watch as he chases down his brother and learns the true story of the past. About this item GREAT GIFT FOR SASUKE FAN: Bring out the Uchiha in you, with passion so strong that it drives you to the unthinkable. Every Shippuden fan knows Sasuke’s story and of the Susanoo, the large transulscent samurai is on par with Naruto’s Biju mode! This stand is what any fan of Sasuke Uchiha should have THE UCHIHA WAY: The Uchiha clan is known for their long lasting emotions, which comes with long grudges as well. Sasuke is no different in his quest to defeat his brother for the eradication of every other Uchiha. SUMMON THE SUSANOO: Sasuke’s Susanoo is a large samurai avatar made up of chakra. With Sasuke’s permission, anyone can enter Susanoo and be protected, bring in the massive protector of the Uchiha clan to your home for protection NOT A GENJUTSU: Genjutsu isn’t the only thing the uchiha are feared for. This Acrylic stand is very real, and not an illusion! Bring the spirit of the Uchiha with you for your friends to see at home, or in your work space The perfect gift for every anime fan. Great for holidays, Secret Santa, birthdays, gag and white elephant gifts or any special occasion for kids and Christmas
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