3 Layer Naruto Acrylic Stand



  • GREAT GIFT FOR NARUTO FAN: If you like ramen as much as Naruto, you’ll enjoy this stand featuring Naruto and friends eating his signature dish of the Ichiraku Ramen Shop! Ever since he was a child, Naruto has never stopped being a fan of Ichiraku, and now you can be too
  • A LEGENDARY RAMEN SHOP: Be like Naruto and have Ichiraku for every meal! You’ll never have to eat ramen alone when you have this stand with you. Just like in the anime, pull up a seat at Ichiraku with the rest of Team 7. Take a trip to Konoha village and grab one today and share with a friend
  • THE HERO OF THE LEAF: Everyone who knows Naruto knows of Ichiraku, and with this, you can now take a stand of your own home or as a decoration on your desk. Show everyone how much of a fan you are with this acrylic piece. Let everyone know how much a fan you are of this display
  • YOUR NINJA WAY: This acrylic 6” x 4.72” stand is small enough to fit in most spaces and large enough to not be too fragile. There are 3 layers with easy assembly, just place the pegs in the slots and you’re stand is open for business
  • The perfect gift for every anime fan. Great for holidays, Secret Santa, birthdays, gag and white elephant gifts, or any special occasion for kids and Christmas


A stand fit for Hokage Ichiraku Ramen is open for business! Ramen is better with friends, so display this in an area that where it can be truly appreciated. Visit the little ramen shop in Konoha Village with Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura and share a meal. Just like in Naruto, Ichiraku will be there for you always, serving the Leaf Village ninja for years to come. Grab a stand for you and a friend to enjoy for just as long as they’ve been serving Naruto. Konoha’s #1 ramen shop Grab a stand and sit down next to the shop for a belly full of ramen in an environment that fans of Naruto are familiar with! Show everyone your ninja way while you relive the important scenes of Naruto’s youth, this stand is perfect for anyone who knows anything about Naruto. Let everyone know your ninja way by displaying this piece for all to see!