Naruto Shippuden "Naruto Uzumaki" Bamboo Chopsticks (Set of 4)

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Take Your Fandom To The Next Level For fans of the Naruto series, nothing is more invigorating than the symbolism behind nearly everything. From their village emblems worn on their heads to the hand seals that make up their Jutsu, symbolism is everything in Naruto. This pair of wooden chopsticks bears the image of the Akatsuki, a shinobi group that exists apart from the regular system of hidden villages. Serving as a major source of criminals and villains, the Akatsuki prove to be a recurring antagonistic organisation to Naruto and friends. Fans of the series who flock to the darker side of the shinobi tradition will absolutely love these chopsticks.Choice Chopsticks Of Any Shinobicrafted from quality bamboo, these Naruto themed chopsticks feature a smooth, splinter-free, surface. Perfect for noodles, rice, meats, and more, this chopstick set is ideal for daily use and Naruto-themed dinner parties. The tips of these 8.85-inch long chopsticks are gripped making grabbing chunks of food much easier. Flaunt your fandom for the Naruto: Shippuden series every day with these quality chopsticks in one hand, and endless bowls of ramen on the other hand!

About this item:

Enjoy Ramen Every Day: Any fan of Naruto knows how much he loves his Ichiraku Ramen and with these chopsticks, you can too! This will make sure you always have a backup or spare for the times that you’re the most hungry

Use After Any Mission: No matter how busy you have been, a bowl of ramen will make everything better according to Naruto himself. Chopsticks are also great for sushi, dumplings, and other meals

A Quality Ninja Tool: When it comes to the bonds of friendship, having utensils to eat your favorite meals with is always important! This is one set that any Naruto fan can appreciate, made with bamboo and featuring your favorite knucklehead ninja

Perfect Your Jutsu: Be able to handle all of your noodles, dumplings, sushi, and/or fried rice with this stylish and fun meal pack. Like the ninja of the Leaf, follow your will and get a set for you or your friends

Ichiraku Approved: Sasuke spent his entire life training to get his brother back for his village, and Naruto spent a lot of his trying to save his friend. Grab this chop stick set and rest imported. Ages 14+