My Hero Academia License Plate Frame

  • A PLUS ULTRA LICENSE PLATE: Weather it’s test driving one of Hatsume’s “Babies”, or sprinting through the city like IIda, show the citizens your school pride! At UA “Plus Ultra” means to go further beyond, perfect for anyone on the go
  • LET OTHER DRIVERS KNOW YOUR QUIRK: There are a lot of Quirks out there! Like Iida and his brother, better known as Ingenium, travel in style while showing people exactly where you learned to be a hero.
  • SIMPLE TO USE, NO POWERS NECESSARY: Crafted from road-ready plastic, this license plate frame comes with 2 pre-drilled screw holes. This allows you to easily attach the plate frame to your vehicle with just 2 screws.
  • MADE FOR MY HERO FANS: If you’re looking for the plus ultra way to express your fandom for the My Hero series, look no further! This license plate frame easily attaches to most vehicles and declares you an ultimate fan of the series!
  • UA APPROVED: Have a license plate that screams “I am here!” like All Might would say by adding this My Hero license plate frame to your vehicle!



For when you need to go on patrol as an alumni of My hero, you are now the hero you were trained to be, this license plate will let everyone know that you are a graduate of the world’s best hero academy! Not every hero is a sprinter like Iida, or can fly like the Wing Hero: Hawks so travel in style as you zoom through the streets fighting crime. DESIGNED FOR MY HERO SUPERFANS With a plastic design and framed to fit most vehicles, this license plate holder is the best way to let the world know that you are a My Hero superfan! With two pre-drilled screw holes, this license plate frame is easy to use. Now you can quickly add your own style to your vehicle with this cleverly designed license plate holder. It’s time to hit the road, Plus Ultra style, and flaunt your fandom!