My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Class 1-A" Soup Mug with Lid | 20 oz

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This mug is great for anyone aspiring to be as great of a hero as All Might! With all 20 ounces, you'll have all the power you need to fight crime and be the best hero you can be!

Make sure to use this mug when you need a handy quirk or 2 for any warm meal. With all of the power in this mug, you can be sure that it's truly one for all! A hero can't be at their best on an empty stomach!

Grab this soup mug and spoon so that you can travel around the house patrolling for villains, or simply lounge at home and turn on your favorite anime! Featuring the 3 strongest heroes from UA, you can enjoy a meal as a fan so grab a mug today.