My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Todoroki" Glass Water Bottle (26 oz)

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With all 26 oz, it will keep you hydrated as you try to become the next number 1 hero. As All Might would say, push yourself to be the best hero that you can be. Use this bottle to help you stay hydrated as you work, go to the gym, or take walks in your local park. With the hydrating force of this water bottle, use 100% of your power throughout your day so that you can be the best hero you can be. This bottle is perfect for showing your friends and family how great of a fan you truly are! Show your support for the future of Heroes!

About this item:

A HEROES GIFT: Just like All Might, train like a real hero! The number 1 hero needs all the support he can get, this water bottle is truly “One for All” with any fan of the series wanting to make an impression.

BE HEROIC: Take this water bottle with you to the gym or for long runs. This water bottle will keep you feeling “Plus Ultra” as you work to become the best hero you can be, and remember to smile!

A HERO OF HEROES: Even All Might needs help sometimes, keep your water bottle safe by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from harming him. Cold liquids work best as this water bottle's sidekick!

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS: Whether you’re a juice or water drinker, this My Hero water bottle is made of 100% safe BPA-free plastic material that you can wash, and reuse whenever!

UA APPROVED: The Office merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 26 oz water bottle Imported. Ages 14+