HUNTER X HUNTER "Phantom Troupe" Carnival Cup (20 oz)

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Prepare to fight high-bounty targets like those who are in the Phantom Troupe. Gon and Killua will face a lot before they catch up to Gon’s father, an extremely powerful hunter, that left Gon clues as to where to find him when he grows up. This 20 oz cup is great for anyone who likes Gon and Killua, traveling around collecting bounties, or using this cup while watching your favorite hunter find his father. Along with Gon, you’ll have the friends he meets along the way. People like Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are present in this colorful piece. Show off to your friends how much of a fan you are of this group of young hunters and grab one for yourself and a friend.


NEN USERS BEWARE: A common thing every Hunter learns is how to use “Nen” where they create their own special abilities. With this plastic carnival cup, the art depicts the chapter where Kurapika in particular learns his signature chain ability, as all “Nen” users learn to control with water, you can experience your Nen control with this cup!

THE BEST ROOKIE HUNTERS AROUND: Gon and Killua will keep you safe from the cold along with any possible bounties that would seek you harm. With this cup, you can add some style to your next cold beverage while you travel around with friends!

AVENGE THE KURTA CLAN: The Phantom Troupe, a gang of cutthroats and murderers, is a group of high-level bounties that Kurapika has a vendetta against. Watch as this young hunter takes on this large troupe of villains without having to worry about your drinks spilling with this colorful carnival cup.

HUNTERS NEED TO HYDRATE: This plastic carnival cup is a perfect gift for a friend or any family member!