Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons "Red Dragon" Mug (with bonus Beholder Pin)

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With 11 oz of coffee, you can be sure that the last stretch of battling it out with the DM and finishing your journey will be full of energy! Slay monsters from beholders to dragons, including this gazer as seen on the enamel pin. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee to make you stay focused and immersed.

About this item:

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: This merchandise is the perfect coffee mug for gag gifts for adults. 11oz capacity for coffee, tea, or any hot beverage.

CARE: Hand-wash only. 

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: This officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons merchandise is the perfect novelty coffee cup for every gamer.

This beholder will guard your treasures and loot as you slay beasts of all kinds. A good DM knows when things need to get weird, don’t disappoint your players with poor rolling skills. Be sure to grab a set for you and your players!