After slaying monsters in a dungeon and taking a long rest, someone screams something about a dragon causing issues in a nearby town. After tracking the beast down your party is going to need the right items for the job. In this box of wonders you’ll recieve everything you need to set out on your journey. This box contains an journal where you may have written a few spells or ways to defeat the dragon with some of its weaknesses. There is also a mug and blanket so your party gets its long rest. The keychain itself has a hammer that a skilled fighter or barbarian can weild. Don’t let this box slip by your perception, grab onw for you and your friends! This isn’t an opportunity adventurers can miss.

About this item
PREPARE TO SLAY DRAGONS: At its roots, dragons are the goal for most adventurers to take one. Whether you’re a wizard/warlock throwing spells, a fighter/barbarian swinging a sword, A bard/cleric adding support to the party, or even a rogue dragons are a thing. With 5 dragon related items in this box you can’t go wrong on your adventures
ROLL THE DICE: Grab your D20 and see which items you take with you on you on your journey! The blanket is soft fleece, great for a long rest and the mug is 11 oz, perfect for for staying awake in late night campaigns. Be prepared for anything your DM throws at you
ROGUES BE AWARE: This box contains magic items, make sure you roll high in lock picking before opening this box! There is something for every party member inside
TRAVLERS BE WARNED: Handle this box with care as the delicate mug can not withstand more force than a D4, it is gently hand wash only, and not meant to be soaked or microwaved. Machine wash the blanket in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat
ADVENTURER APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, collector box Imported. Ages 14+

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