Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z "Shernon" Looksee Dragon Ball Collector Box

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Product Description:

This cool bundle comes jam-packed with 5 Shernon-themed collectibles and accessories. To top it off, this specially curated gift box comes packaged in a fandom-inspired box. The Shernon-themed packaging features black boxing, the seven Dragon Balls, and the Saiyan royal family symbol. Measuring 5 x 5 x 5 inches, this themed gift box is perfect for adding to your collectible display or using as an organizational storage box.

About This Product:

  • A SUPRISE FOR ANY FAN: You never know what you’ll get in this box containing 5 items ranging from a keychain, acrylic stand, pin, wall canvas, and a lanyard! The contents of this box will be sure to represent the Saiyan Pride that Vegeta is so proud of!
  • ANY ITEM FOR ANY PURPOSE: Grab a box and have something to display for any location. The power level of these items is “over 9000!” and will surely make an impression. Travel around with the pin, lanyard, and keychain to display at cons, social events, or parties, and have the stylish wall art and stand at home featuring your favorite Saiyan.
  • GIFTS FIT FOR A SAIYAN: This box will make anyone go Super Saiyan with its contents showing Goku in all of his power! A martial artist with unfathomable potential and a craving for combat, you won’t find another box quite this powerful.
  • HANDLE WITH CARE: Handle this box with care, you don’t want to damage these items before you show them off to all of your friends and fellow fans. The strength of a Saiyan is truly remarkable, but be sure to protect the fragile nature of the acrylic stand and canvas.
  • SAIYAN APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, collector box Imported. Ages 14+