Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z "Shenron" Pint Glass Set (16 oz)

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This epic glass is what any Dragon Ball Z fan needs, featuring the iconic dragon that every fan should remember. Like any warrior craving battle, grab an ice-cold glass of any chilled beverage so that you can remain hydrated before fighting to claim all 7 Dragon Balls. Power up with each glass just as Goku did while saving the world multiple times. This 16 oz glass contains the power level of your favorite Saiyan, so take a sip while you watch the Turtle School’s strongest students take on the universe's biggest threats such as Frieza, Cell, and Buu. This glass set is what any fan needs to be paired with their favorite Dragon Ball Z episode.


GREAT GIFT FOR ANY WARRIOR: Grab this set featuring the dragon Shenron, ready to grant your wish after finding the Dragon Balls! These glasses bring style to your cupboard for you and all of your Dragon Ball Z-loving friends!

YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED: Grab this glass and share it with your friends while showing how much of a fan you truly are! Grab a fresh cold beverage after training with Master Roshi and Goku so that you can express your inner Z warrior!

QUALITY FIT FOR A SAIYAN: This Dragon Ball Z glass may be full of power, but even martial artists need a refreshing beverage. Saiyans are nearly indestructible but these glasses have limits and preserve the integrity of the decals by avoiding long soaks.

POWER UP YOUR MORNINGS: Our quality glasses hold up to 16 oz. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Saiyans in action. Goku has defeated the likes of even Frieza while hunting for the Dragon Balls, this set is truly powerful for anyone seeking Shenron’s power.

GOKU APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. Two, 16 oz drinking glass imported. Ages 14+