Dragon Ball Super Sushi Set with Chopstick

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Grab some chop stick and dig in, while you enjoy a meal from this saiyan themed set. You can help Goku and Vegeta defeat their enemies and keep Universe 7 alive by fueling your energy with your favorite sushi dishes. Complete with a saucer for soy sauce, this set is a mighty fusion that you can enjoy with all of your friends and family. Gain the energy of a saiyan by eating like one, set out a platter for parties, display it with your other Dragon Ball Super related items. Earth needs heroes, but heroes need to eat. Just as Master Roshi, Goku’s master say’s, “Play well, eat well, and rest well! The Kame style is with you!”. The teaching of Roshi carried with Goku even further in to his training and that is how he got strong!



• A SAIYAN SIZE DISH: With 8 x 5 inches of surface you can fit all of your sushi needs on this plate, complete with a matching dipping saucer for when you desire a splash of soy with your meal. Goku and Vegeta are known for their large appitite, and now you too can eat like a saiyan.

• A DELICIOUS GIFT, FULL OF ENERGY: Just like Goku and his spirit bomb, you can gather your energy with a tray full of sushi! Every saiyan needs fuel to become stronger, so grab a tray for you and your friends to show off to the rest of the fandom. Good for all occasions

• DECORATE YOUR DINING ROOM: Bring out this tray for parties so that everyone can share the fun that is Dragon Ball Super. You can’t defeat your enemies on an empty stomach and this product is a great way to add some flare to your cabinets.

• HANDLE WITH CARE: Handle this dish with care as Goku has many enemies. Be sure to gently hand wash to keep your saiyans in fighting condition, and do not soak.

• SAIYAN APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One sushi dish and saucer imported. Ages 14+