Dragon Ball Z Super Crock Pot



Meals never tasted so good, this crock pot is what any Dragon Ball Super fan would love for themselves. You can cook for up to 9 people or try your hand at a Saiyan size meal, whatever your wish is in the kitchen Shenron has you covered! Throw a Dragon Ball Z themed party and grab a plate. You can’t go wrong with this large pot that holds up to 7-quarts of food! Eat, train, study and sleep just like Roshi instructs. This crock pot is fit for a martial artist before saving the world from unknown threats across the universe!

  • A SAIYAN SIZED MEAL: Make a meal large enough to fill even a Saiyan’s appetite! Goku and Vegeta never refuse Bulma or Chi-Chi’s home cooked meals. If you wished for a Shenron inspired cooking set, be sure to grab one now
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES: Be like Goku and have a meal to fuel you afte harsh training, as Master Roshi said, “Work hard, study well and eat and sleep plenty!”. Impress your friends as you cook your meals in style
  • SUMMON THE DRAGON: This crock pot is made with the highest quality, with its 3 high and low manual heat settings, plus a “warm” setting for the perfect serving. No dinner is too much of a wish for Shenron
  • EASY TO USE: This product is dishwasher safe, with removable stoneware & lid. Just like you would expect from a wish granting dragon, it’s easy to clean and reuse
  • Dragon Ball Super merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, glass container with candle Imported. Ages 14+