Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Reusable Chopsticks Set (Pack of 2)

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Go Super Saiyan with this collectible Dragon Ball Super chopstick set. Inspired by the popular anime series, the greatest Saiyan fighters are featured on the handles of each stick, including Goku, Vegeta, Caulifla, and Kefla. The user-friendly design is made with comfort in mind. These 9-inch bamboo chopsticks provide a premium dining experience, so you can enjoy all of your favorite dishes. The durable bamboo construction allows for a sturdy feel each time you go in for a bite. Quickly grip your noodles, meats, or rice with these reusable chopsticks.


Experience Ramen Like Never Before: Enjoy premium dining with these four sets of legendary Dragon Ball Super chopsticks. Featuring Dragon Ball's greatest Saiyan fighters, these chopsticks will help you eat mountains of food, just like Goku!

Dining Table Tested, Saiyan Approved: When it comes to collectible anime merch these chopsticks are top tier. Designed with a tapered tip and grooved rings, these reusable chopsticks are designed to make every meal memorable.

Quality Kitchen Utensils: Made from durable bamboo, this chopstick set provides superior quality and practicality. Measuring approximately 9 inches long, these bamboo chopsticks are the anime accessories that your dining table needs.

Premium Dining: These Japanese-style reusable chopsticks feature Goku, Vegeta, Caulifla, and Kefla. Make a delicious meal, grab your Dragon Ball Super chopsticks, and enjoy watching your favorite episodes of the anime series.

Fun And Collectible: Splinter-free and ready to complete your tabletop, this bamboo chopstick set is environment-friendly and easy to use. The set makes a wonderful addition to any Dragon Ball Super fan's home kitchen collection.