Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Shot Glasses

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  • A SUPER SET FOR DRAGON BALL FANS: Facing new threats to the world and now the multiverse, our favorite Dragon Ball heroes are back for more epic battles. This shot glass set features Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, & Goku Black!
  • BECOME A SAIYAN GOD: Or at least attempt to feel like one. Featuring Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, these shot glasses are designed to give you some Saiyan inspiration with each shot you take!
  • DURABLE DRAGON BALL COLLECTIBLES: This boxed set of shot glasses comes with four character-specific glasses. Each durable shot glass is designed to hold up to 2 ounces of your preferred drink choice!
  • CREATE A DRAGON BALL SUPER DISPLAY: With the four unique shot glasses in this set, collectors can create a display of Dragon Ball-themed shot glasses. Featuring details of Shenron floating in the sky and a Dragon Ball Super logo, these shot glasses are perfect for collectors!
  • OFFICIAL DRAGON BALL SUPER COLLECTIBLES: Fans of the series will enjoy having this officially licensed set of mini bar glasses in the collections of Dragon Ball-themed treasures. Grab your set and gift one today!


CAPTURE DRAGON BALL SUPER'S GREATEST FIGHTERS: As Goku and friends battle once again for the fate of the Earth, they learn that more than just their planet may be at risk in this Dragon Ball Super series. From old rivals to all-powerful gods, Goku must team up with the mightiest warriors available to defend what matters most. This collectible shot glass set represents 3 of Dragon Ball Super's strongest warriors along with a new foe, Zamasu parading as Goku Black! Flaunt your obsession for the Dragon Ball series with this shot glass set displayed proudly in your Dragon Ball collection!

CREATE A COLLECTIBLE DISPLAY: This boxed set of Dragon Ball Super collectibles features four unique shot glasses. For fans of the series or for those who simply collect shot glasses, this set of Dragon Ball characters will make a wonderful display. Showcase your obsessions with your favorite characters by grabbing a set of these collectible cups for yourself! This set will also make a wonderful gift to any Dragon Ball Super fan!