Dragon Ball Super Coffee Mug & Coaster Set

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This epic mug is what any Dragon Ball Super fan needs, featuring Goku in Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form and his iconic symbol. Like any warrior who craves battle, start your day ready for anything by filling this mug with your daily coffee. Feel like you just ate a senzu bean, after drinking a cup of this Goku branded coffee mug. This 14 oz mug contains twice the power of your average Saiyan, so enjoy a sip of your favorite drink while you watch the Turtle School’s strongest students take on the universes biggest threat. Trained by Roshi and Beerus, this Goku mug is what any fan would want!


  • Heroes of Earth, prepare for universe-ending power with this Vegeto mug featuring fused Goku and Vegeta as they become Vegito, the next great warrior with twice the power level. Power up during your coffee breaks so that you can defeat your foe
  • ORGANIZE YOUR SPACE: Organize your space right with this stylish mug design on your desk! As a decorative piece, you have plenty of room for all of your work-related utensils. Leaving you with plenty of space for your daily training.
  • This Dragon Ball Super mug is made of 100% safe and healthy ceramic material that you can wash, and reuse again. Saiyans are nearly indestructible, but this mug isn’t, prevent damage by hand washing regularly, avoid heating in microwaves.
  • ALL-PURPOSE: Our quality, the mug holds up to 20 oz. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Saiyans in action.
  • The perfect gift for every anime fan. Great for holidays, Secret Santa, birthdays, gag and white elephant gifts, or any special occasion for kids and Christmas