Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Water Bottle (32 oz)

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With a 32oz of water bottle you can be hydrated while battling it out with the DM or your players and finishing your journey, thirst quenched! Slay many bandits and beasts, from beholders to dragons. Nothing beats a nice cold beverage with your friends and family at your adventuring party. This D20 water bottle will be sure to put any adventurer in the D&D spirit. A good DM knows when things need to get weird, don’t disappoint your players with poor rolling skills. Be sure to grab one for you and you're players!

About this item:

Grab your player's handbook and prepare to roll initiative after you hydrate yourself during your next D&D campaign. With this bottle to put in your adventurer's kit, you can enjoy a cold beverage, perfect for long journeys traversing the planes with your party.

No adventure can be complete without your D20! This bottle is sure to help you in the most critical of times.

Always pass a survival check when you bring this bottle with you Traveling from towns to dungeons and dark dwellings, gear up before you run into danger. Complete with stationary D20 as a design piece, you can express your love for tabletop gaming with all of your friends.

Treat this item as special loot that you’ll treasure for years, This bottle is not meant to be soaked. Preserve the integrity of the design by not using machine washing, hand wash only.

Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One 17oz water bottle imported. Ages 14+