Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer "Kyojuro" 288 pg. Tabbed Journal

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Product Description:

Prepare to fight the things of nightmares like those who work for the Demon King. Tanjiro and Nezuko will face a lot before they find a way to become human again and avenge the death of their family. This Journal is great for those who want to show off and document to the rest of the fellow Demon Slayer enthusiasts.

About this item:

  • GIFTS FIT FOR A HASHIRA: Grab yourself this cozy blanket to use for those special days watching your favorite members of the Demon Slayer corps! Featuring Tanjiro using his water breathing technique to defeat all demons throughout the night.
  • DEFEAT THE DEMON KING: Show off how much of a Demon Slayer fan you are with this blanket useable for both your comfort and as a nice throw blanket to display on your couch and bed! With Tanjiro’s ability to create heat you’ll be sure to stay warm through the night.
  • PROTECT NEZUKO: This blanket is great for resting up before your next fight with any strong demons, make sure you keep this blanket clean by tumble drying, that way your Demon Slayer friends will stay fresh and ready for a night of slaying.
  • A DEMON SLAYER IN TRAINING: This blanket depicts Tanjiro using his water breath techniques as they assist him in helping his sister from having a life of devouring humans. Grab 1 today to bring some of Tanjiro’s compassion to your home
  • DEMON CORPS APPROVED: Great Demon Slayer merch, perfect for gift giving. One Fleece Blanket imported. Ages 14+