Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer "Fox Mask" Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks

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  • A slayer can’t work on an empty stomach! Fill this ramen bowl, stylized in the same way as the robes used by those trained in water-breathing style. One side features Tanjiro’s training mask, and the other is the logo for Demon Slayer
  • Be like Tanjiro and eat as much Udon and/or Ramen as you want! This bowl is great for lunches or dinners, especially if you’re trained in slaying demons. This bowl comes with a set of chopsticks for your convenience
  • After a long night of hunting demons, every hunter needs to eat and refuel so that they can fight on. The style of this bowl will have all fans wanting their own, as it follows Tanjiro’s specific outfit
  • To ensure long-lasting use with your favorite head-butting demon slayer, make sure you gently hand wash this bowl. Do not microwave this product to ensure the quality stays the same as you reuse it over and over.
  • DEMON SLAYER CORPS APPROVED: Demon Slayer merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, ceramic bowl Imported. Ages 14+


For any occasion, be it training yourself in breathing techniques for better control, mastering your sword fighting, going on patrol, or becoming slaying powerful demons. This 16 oz bowl will be just the thing you need to keep your belly full so that you can master your element! There’s no better way to end a long night of demon hunting than to have a big bowl of ramen. While Tanjiro and Inosuke are known to have a ravenous appetite, with this 16 oz bowl you can be sure to have a full stomach so that you can rest up and strengthen yourself while watching Tanjiro slay demons with his friends and sister. Buy this ramen bowl today and let everyone know your strength! Demons are dangerous, even for a trained slayer like these, so pick up a bowl and join the hunt.