Borderlands 3 "CHILDREN OF THE VAULT" Pint Glass (16 oz)

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This 3 color drinking glass is great for gaming with friends playing co-op on Borderlands 3! Whether it’s finishing the story or delving deep into sidequests, grab a glass and share with your friends. Even Vault Hunters get thirsty, hydrate yourself with this 16 oz drinking glass and blast away those psycho’s working for the Calypso twins!

About this item:

CHILDREN OF THE VAULT: This 16 oz glass using the fearless leaders of “The Children of the Vault” is something all fans would enjoy! Troy & Tyreen being the charismatic vlogger villains that they are, bring you this one-of-a-kind mug. Join the Calypso Twins with this drinking glass.

GRAB YOUR LOOT: Everyone who knows the Borderlands franchise knows that the biggest thing about the game is the loot! A Vault Hunter is nothing without great equipment, grab your high-tier glass and delve into the vaults.

VAULT HUNTERS BEWARE: Dwelling in the vaults can be dangerous, make sure you have your equipment at its best. This glass is gently hand-wash only, do not microwave, and fill this with cold liquids only.

TRAVELING WORLDS: This glass holds 16 ounces of any cold liquids for your drinking pleasure! As you go from planet to planet, grab a glass and do the bidding of “The Children of the Vault” as they go against the Vault Hunters.

SANCTUARY APPROVED: Borderlands 3 merchandise, All clans, tribes, and gangs seeking a united front to take over the galaxy with the secrets in the Vault. As the Calypso twins absorb all of the powers from the sirens, make sure you stay prepared. Like the Sirens in Borderlands, being drained may make you thirsty so grab a glass for yourself!