Taco Bell

Taco Bell Fleece Blanket

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Nobody wants a cold burrito, stay heated inside and out! This blanket is perfect for showing your friends what you crave, especially if you're getting weekend lunch with friends. With this blanket, you’ll always feel warm and toasty.


• FEEL THE HEAT: Let this blanket keep you safe and warm in your home as you sleep off the last taco, burrito, or queso you ate. This blanket will please your inner foodie as you wrap yourself in all things Taco Bell related. Sleep off your last meal in style!
• A SUPREME WRAP: Wrap yourself in this blanket so you too can be packaged in a warm, toasty layer like any delicious snack from your favorite restaurant. There’s no better way to show how much you love food!
• LAYERS OF FUN: After a delicious meal from your local Taco Bell, use this blanket to wrap up and sleep off the full stomach. This fleece blanket will give you just the right amount of layers to feel refreshed after a meal, or maybe even during times lounging on the couch.
• HANDLE WITH CARE: Just like ordering a burrito from the drive-through, this blanket should be handled with care! Remember to regularly wash it on a cold, gentle cycle.
• TACO BELL APPROVED: Original merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45” x 60” fleece
blanket, imported. Ages 14+