Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Set of 4 "Monsters" Drinking Glasses (16 oz)

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With this 16 oz pint glass, you can be sure that last stretch battling it out with the DM and finishing your journey full of energy! Slaying monsters from beholders to dragons, this is a set for the mightiest of adventuring parties. Nothing beats a nice pint to share with your friends as you stay focused and immersed.

PREPARE TO SLAY DRAGONS: This 4-set of glasses features 4 of the most epic monsters. With this glass set fit for a party of 4, you’ll be ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you create your characters and roll your stats.

ROLL THE DICE: Grab your D20 and decide which items you take with you on your journey! These glasses are 16 oz each, perfect for when you want to invite friends on campaigns with your friends. 

PLAYERS BE WARY: Dragons are well known for protecting their hoards of gold, just as these monsters can now guard your beverages! 

TRAVELERS BE WARNED: Treat these items as special loot that you’ll treasure for years, This set is gently hand-wash only, and not meant to be soaked or microwaved.

ADVENTURER APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 16 oz drinking glass set imported. Ages 14+