The Office

The Office "Pam and Jim" Mini Canvas Painting (11 x 13.5 inches)

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About this item

  • A GIFT FOR ANY FAN OF THE OFFICE: This wall art is straight out of Pam’s paint set, to your home in this simple art piece that you can have for yourself! This wall art is Pam’s piece to Jim, showing the 2 together.
  • WORK THAT IS FUN: Show your friends how much of a fan you really are with this wholesome artwork from The Office. You can show just how much you enjoy this couple.
  • DECORATE YOUR PERSONAL SPACE: This wall art makes a great to show off in any home, so show off to your friends in the way only a Dunder Mifflin employee can. Bring Pam’s work to your living room so everyone can appreciate it.
  • EASY TO MANAGE: Impress Michael with your critical thinking skills and make sure you work more efficiently. This wall art is easily the best choice, made with Scranton-approved Dunder Mifflin materials.
  • SCRANTON APPROVED: Great merchandise from The Office, perfect for gift giving. One, 500mm x 750mm canvas wall art, imported. Ages 14+