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The Office DUNDER MIFFLIN Blue colored Shot Glass, 2oz

The Office DUNDER MIFFLIN Blue colored Shot Glass, 2oz


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Can You Hang? Or tired from a long week. Choose your weight class with this fun shot glass set If you’ve ever googled ‘what to look for when buying shot glasses’, you’re probably not the life of any party. A good shot glass is meant to get its work done as humbly as possibly. And it’s designed solidly. This no-frills six pack shot glass set exemplifies what we just said. You can use them to measure out alcohol when you’re making cocktails at a party. Another use is to pour the right amount of drink into the glass to suit specific alcohol tolerances. This is just an estimate, plus very few will admit they are lightweight drinkers. As for the design, it has gone through quality checks necessary to ensuring that the glass is structurally stable. Unless you take a hammer to it or pound it repeatedly against a hard surface or drop it from a high-rise building, it will continue serving your party needs faithfully. A tip from our resident party planning enthusiasts: you can also use shot glasses to serve French fries with sauce, shrimp cocktails, banana pudding and crudité. Bon Appétit! Seeking some different options? Well, tequila shots glasses is an answer to all your questions. Since its know that they don’t need a reason for a shot however they just need a full glass of it.

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