Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Car Sunshade


Evil beware! the sailor scouts are here to punish villains and monsters to preserve peace in the galaxy! Usagi and her friends are here to defend you from the harsh heat of the sun. Each sailor scout represents a different planet, while Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask guard the Earth, the sailors are here to represent the whole solar system. Grab a sunshade today and be safe from the darkness.

With this 27.5" x 55" sunshade, the hot sun won't be able to reach you! Enjoy getting into a cool, heat-resistant atmosphere after a long day at work. Everyone will know how much of a Sailor Moon fan you are with this product.


  • A GREAT GIFT FOR ANY MAGICAL GIRL: Wherever you travel make sure you don't leave your car without protection from evil. Have a sunshade that will keep your vehicle protected from the sun! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish evil, even heat from the sun.
  • MOON HEALING ACTIVATION: This sunshade will keep your car from feeling like a monster! Sailor Moon has the ability to turn monsters back into monsters in order to save them. Don't let the heat defeat you, grab your sunshade today.
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE: Leave your car outside in style, where everyone can see how much of a Sailor Moon fan you are! Evil won't be near your car when you have these magical girls around.
  • SAILOR SCOUTS PREPARE: After a long day out in the sun, putting this sunshade away is as easy as Usagi's transformation from Sailor Moon. Simply fold the shade up in the elastic strap and store it for another day you'll need the sailor scouts.
  • Sailor Moon merchandise is perfect for gift giving. One, 27.5" x 55" sunshade, imported. Ages 14+