Naruto Shippuden Mini Drinking Glass Set of 4

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  • GREAT FOR ALL NINJAS: Naruto and Sasuke’s story goes way back to their childhood. Naruto, a little orphan boy who wanted to become Hokage, and Sasuke wanting to be like his older brother Itachi. Watch as these 2 grow up while sharing a 2 oz mini glass with friends
  • SHINOBI GRADE EQUIPMENT: Whatever your motives are, you can share a drink with all of your friends with this set of 4! If you’re like Sasuke where you choose to remain alone, or Naruto who depends on his friends support, grab a set today
  • YOUR NINJA WAY: These glasses hold up to 2 oz of your favorite cold beverage, fill them up with any whatever you’d like! Use them your own way, even as decorative pieces to hold your toothpicks
  • CAREFUL ON YOUR MISSION: Our quality, glass holds up to 2 oz. In order to ensure long lasting use, this glass must be hand washed only and not soaked
  • LEAF VILLAGE APPROVED: Naruto merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 2 oz mini glass. Imported. Ages 14+


For any occasion, be it studying for your Chunin exams, mastering your sage arts, going on patrol, or becoming Hokage it’s a ninja’s job to be prepared. This 2 oz drinking glass will be just the tool to keep your Chakra levels up and your thirst quinched! There’s no better way to show off your “Ninja way” than to have the Hero of the Leaf and his 9 tailed friend in your cabinets.

Don’t go on a mission alone, Naruto’s tailed beast is more than just a spirit, he becomes a friend. Unlock the powers of working with a Bijuu and become a stronger shinobi of the Leaf! Show this glass to your fellow Naruto fanatics and enjoy an ice cold beverage.