Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z "Goku" Blanket Combo with free Magnet Set

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About This Product:

  • THE STRONGEST FUSION: Decorate your home in a way that all DBZ fans can recognize! Make your room the perfect place to train with your favorite Saiyan, Goku. This stylish set is great for those nights when you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and pillow to watch your favorite anime.
  • SLEEP LIKE SON GOKU: No Dragon Ball Z fan's room is complete without a stylish blanket featuring their favorite martial artist, Goku! With a magnet featuring mid-transformation Goku, and a blanket of Goku in Saiyan form, bring the fighting spirit of a Saiyan home with you.
  • THE QUALITY OF A SAIYAN: This blanket and magnet set is of the highest quality. You can get Goku in his Super Saiyan form on a blanket and in a regular form on a magnet! Decorate your fridge using the Saiyan who loves to eat. Use the blanket for your bedroom, sofa, car, or camping trip.
  • REST UP BEFORE TRAINING: This 45 x 60 blanket set, using Goku is great! Not only for lounging and watching your favorite anime but for resting after a long day of training. Sleep well before the next World Tournament.
  • GOKU APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gifts. One 45 x 60 blanket with magnet, imported. Can be used by men or women, or by kids of any size, large or small. Great gifts for fans of DragonballZ anime and merch, such as toys, collectibles, figures, pillows, sheets, and more!


This epic blanket and magnet fusion is what any Dragon Ball Z fan needs, featuring the Son Goku and 2 of his forms! Feel closer to the Saiyan than you ever have before as he fights, not only to save the world but to be strong enough for his next fight. Feel the energy of this blanket as you rest after a long day's work. This 45 x 60 blanket will make your nights much better as you sleep, thinking of your favorite Saiyan warrior! Get stronger with Goku after a long day of watching your anime, known worldwide in popularity. These items are the most powerful fusion that fans will want while watching these incredibly strong Saiyans.