My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Dabi and Himiko" Blanket | 45 x 60 inches

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After a long day of studying exams and hero work, bring out your inner fan! Any fan of Dabi and Himiko would know how important teamwork is for both heroes and villains, so grab a blanket for any occasion! This is a gift that every fan should have, grab a blanket today and always have your favorite League of Villain members with you on the go. When it comes to good sleep, look no further! Like any great villain, never miss a night's rest and be prepared for anything. It takes a lot to work for the league, make sure you wake up ready for anything.


  • A VILLAINOUS GIFT: In a society full of heroes, it is tough to be a villain. Watch as Dabi and Himiko use their quirks to their fullest, all just to watch the heroes struggle and to take down the society that depends on them so much
  • JOIN THE LEAGUE: For those long nights binge-watching your favorite animes, watch your favorite villain duo take on the likes of Class 1-A and Pro-Heroes alike. These villains are nothing to take lightly, so don't go anywhere without owning one of these blankets
  • IT'S ALL FOR ONE: Just like All For One instructed, the League will bring down hero society. Make sure your blanket lasts with proper care by machine washing in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that, and scorched by Dabi feeling.
  • SHOW YOUR QUIRK: Just like in the Hero Exams, you can make an impression at home by placing this on your bed, couch, or chair! This blanket is great if you're a fan of all things villain.
  • UA APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45 x 60 Fleece Blanket Imported. Ages 14+