Gundam Wing "Pilot Heero Yuy" Coffee Mug (with bonus Gundam Sticker)

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When you get called in to pilot a Gundam, you know something big is about to happen, follow as Heero fights against OZ! This mug and pin combo are what any mech anime lover needs as you wake up to start your day or have your lunch break. Whatever warm beverage you put in this mug, you can be sure that the alliance has your back. Grab a cup and keep Earth colonies safe for years to come! After a long day of work, get lost in the Gundam universe and watch as they push through obstacles to create a better tomorrow! Heero is Earth's best chance at peace, so support their ongoing battle while enjoying a mug and lounging with your favorite anime on the TV.

About this item:

MEET THE “G TEAM”: Heero is the stoic 15-year-old who pilots the Gundam Wing and believes in showing his emotions in battle, his friend Quatre is the leader of his group, known as the “G Team”. With this mug, you can get a taste of what Heero and his team are fighting for.

MOBILE SUIT: Add some flair to your morning with this stylish mug with a free sticker! The Wing unit is part of the unstoppable team fighting OZ to free themselves from tyranny! With this mug, you can express your will to live free in peace to all of your mech-loving friends.

IN FOR REPAIRS: To prevent any damage from coming to your Gundam, remember to service it. This mug is gently hand-wash only and not microwaveable, so do your best to keep it in fighting shape for the battles to come

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Most of the people in the G team run off on a set of beliefs, these beliefs keep them fighting for what they want to protect such as their willingness to live freely. Be like Heero and keep.