Fire Force

Fire Force "Fire Company 8" Glow in the Dark Coffee Mug (with bonus air freshener)

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Knights of the Ashen Flame beware, as the 8th is here to stop the world from ending. Shinra and friends are here to save lives and fight infernals as they try to uncover the secrets of the Adolla Burst and how it affects the world. The amazingly fit, fire-controlling witch Maki comes in air freshener form to assist while this heat-changing mug reacts to whatever hot beverage you prefer. Tokyo is much safer with the 8th being around! The heat reaction of this mug reveals the whole 8th team, here to keep you safe from infernals caused by human combustion. Don’t wait too long, grab a set for you and your friends!

About this item:

JOIN THE FIRE FORCE: When the whole is full of combustible monsters created from humans, you’ll want the Fire Force on your side! With his desire to be a Hero and use his powers for good, Shinra has changed Company 8 for the better. With this kawaii, chibi-style mug, watch as the blue band glows behind the characters as the bands do in the show. Pair this with the Maki Air Freshener to complete the collection and have a vanilla scent on the go.

A FIRE MUG: This mug, much like the 8th in the anime, glows in the dark so that you can easily recognize the squad, revealing the 8th company as they respond to firey the disaster in hopes of defeating the infernals. Maki perfectly pairs with this mug, as a vanilla-scented air freshener that shows how she controls flames.

INFERNAL PROOF: The 8th has your back, so watch theirs as they fight infernals and demons that threaten the everyday living. This mug is gently hand-washable.