My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Deku and Bakugo" Chopsticks (Pack of 4)

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When it comes to rivals, there perhaps is no greater intensity than the rivalry shared between Midoriya and Bakugo. This set of hero-branded chopsticks features the explosive Bakugo and the protagonist of the series, Midoriya. Now you can face off in your own battle of heroes with your friends by having eating competitions using your preferred hero-chopsticks. Made from quality bamboo, these chopsticks are the ideal accessory for any dinner table where My Hero Academia is enjoyed. Add this set of chopsticks to your My Hero Academia collections today!


CHOW DOWN WITH MIDORIYA AND BAKUGO: Fans of the My Hero Academia series will instantly recognize their favorite heroes branded on this collectible set of bamboo chopsticks! Now you can enjoy your favorite meals with the added flair of your favorite anime series!

SUITABLE FOR ANY HERO: Designed with a tapered tip and grooved rings, these chopsticks are designed to make eating a breeze. Quickly grip your noodles, meats, or rice with these user-friendly chopsticks!

QUALITY BAMBOO CHOPSTICKS: Known for providing superior quality and practicality, this set of chopsticks is made from durable bamboo. Measuring 8.85 inches long, you can enjoy eating your way through mountains of delicious noodles, rice, and more!

PERFECT FOR A MY HERO ACADEMIA MARATHON NIGHT: Settle in for a long night of action, heroes, and food. This themed set of My Hero Academia chopsticks will complement your marathon night perfectly as you burn through your favorite meals and episodes!