Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog Fleece Throw Blanket & Pillow | 45 x 60 Inches

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About this item

  • GOTTA GO FAST: Even Sonic needs to rest eventually, grab yours today so you can always have Sonic with you! In this particular blanket you’ll see more of This hedgehog every time you go to relax.
  • KEEP AN EYE ON EGGMAN: With as many times as Dr. Robotnik has lost, you would think he’d learn his lesson. With this product you can add some personality to your office or home while watching your favorite hedgehog take him and his robots on
  • TEAM UP WITH SONIC: With stylish design, you can have the whole team with you when you’re speeding through games! Speedrun your relaxation like Sonic does before scarfing down his chili dogs
  • GO SUPER SONIC: This is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who enjoys this classic gaming franchise. Make sure to put this blanket right where you need it most so that you can be like Sonic as he defeats Eggman time and time again
  • TAILS APPROVED: Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One 45” x 60” Blanket. imported. Ages 14+

As a true Sonic The Hedgehog fan, this blanket can be yours to hang for everyone to see! This can also be used as a lovely little couch accent. Cuddle up with the fastest thing alive, there's no limit to the amount of Sonic you can play or watch in this blanket! You too can bring a piece of Sonic The Hedgehog into your home. For any fans of the series, this is a must-have for you and your friends/co-workers. Display Your love for Sonic the Hedgehog that no one can deny. It has extremely cool original artwork of Sonic himself that shows his extraordinary side. You'll want to show him off in every room of your house! You can now show off your favorite character from the series and games. Add a little bit of fun to your day with this unique blanket. This item makes a beautiful gift to anyone who could use a laugh from their favorite games. Buy 1 or more for you or your fellow Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Don't be led astray by knocking off Sonic The hedgehog blankets! Get the real thing and never look back!