Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog "Sonic and Tails" Fleece Blanket | 45 x 60 inches

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Don’t let Eggman get ahold of you and turn you into a robot! Sonic and Tails have your back with this air freshener and blanket combo. Don’t let this blanket pass you by so you can show your friends how much a fan you really are! This Vanilla scent is just the thing you need to have a relaxing time at home before powering up your console and playing some Sonic.

Tails never split from sonic for long so be sure to have these 2 with you wherever you go! Take them in your car for long trips or have them at home so they can guard you against Eggman’s dastardly plans.

About this item:

GOTTA GO FAST: Straight out of the obstacle course and into your home! Sonic and his best friend Tails have you covered when Eggman strikes. This blanket with a vanilla-scented air freshener will give you all the speed you need throughout your whole day.

A QUICK NAP: Need a quick nap to recover from your day? After driving from work, whip out the calm vanilla scent from this air freshener before coming home and hanging out with Sonic and Tails! There’s no better way to rest than after a hard day running, so kick your feet up and relax at home.

SPEEDY CLEANING: With a scent that really kicks, and a blanket to wrap yourself in you’ll be sure to want to keep them around. This blanket can be machine washed in a gentle cycle with cold water, and tumble dry on low heat for that warm, fresh feeling.

NO ROBOTS: Avoid getting turned into a robot by Dr. Robotnik while having the 2 heroes from Green Hill there to keep you safe. A warm blanket will keep you from feeling cold and icy.