Naruto Shippuden Coffee Mug with Free Air Freshener

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This mug is great for any Naruto fan, join Team 7 as they climb to greatness as Leaf Shinobi! Naruto and Sasuke have never seen eye to eye on everything but they are connected by a bond of brotherhood. This bond has led Naruto and Sasuke to reunite on multiple occasions, creating tension all around!

About this item:

Chakra Nature: Between Naruto’s wind-style signature move, the Rasengan, and Sasuke’s lightning style, the Chidori, there’s no telling how destructive a scuffle between these two would be! With all of the energy they create, fill this mug and watch as they duke it out to see which one has the better resolution.

Ninjas have to be stealthy! with the subtle scent of Vanilla to go with your morning coffee, you’ll be ready to run up mountains like your favorite Naruto characters. Naruto’s way is to never give up, and with these items, you’ll have the energy to carry on.

An S-rank mission: Every mission has its dangers, As seen on Naruto, high-rank missions have high risks! keep your mug safe by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from harming him.

A Shinobi of the Leaf: Just like the ninja of the leaf village, our mugs are high quality, and with this air freshener, the team is even stronger! This mug holds up to 11 oz. 

With this mug grab a huge part of the series and take it home with your morning cup of coffee. There’s no better team than team 7 and with both the air freshener and mug you can show just how much of a fan you are!