Dungeons and Dragons Blanket

  • WHAT’S YOUR STORY?: Every dungeoner needs a dungeon master to guide them! As a DM you craft your stories and take your players on a fantastic journey they’ve never imagined. With this blanket, rest up and keep your mind sharp, and your charisma sharper
  • ROLL THE DICE: Grab your D20 and see which items you take with you on your journey! The blanket is soft fleece, great for a long rest and the sticker is a great addition to put on your laptop or DM blind. Be prepared for anything your players throw at you
  • PLAYERS BE AWARE: In this world the dungeon master is law, after seeing this blanket you’ll know they mean business. Enjoy the world your character exists in for it might be fleeting, it’s the DM’s job to challenge the players
  • TRAVELERS BE WARNED: This blanket needs a short rest to maintain its powers, machine wash the blanket in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat.
  • ADVENTURER APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, blanket imported. Ages 14+



After slaying monsters in a dungeon and taking a long rest, someone screams something about a dragon causing issues in a nearby town. After tracking the beast down your players are going to need the right items for the job. As a DM you know to prepare yourself as well for things can get messy. Plan ahead with a good nights rest! As shown on this blanket, the right party and gear can prepare you for anything! This blanket is precisely what your party needs to roll a nat 20 in your next D&D event. Fight the dragon and win, or try to outsmart your players to create memorable moments. However you go about it, this product is truly something you'll need for your dungeon.

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