Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Z Fleece Throw Blanket & Pillow Set | 45 x 60 In

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About this item

  • Feel Empowered - The JUST FUNKY Dragon Ball Z Fleece Throw Blanket & Pillow Set | 45” x 60” Inch provides an energy boost with its soft and comfortable fabric. It helps you feel empowered and inspired to take on every challenge.
  • Ultra-Soft Comfort - Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation with this luxurious fleece throw blanket and pillow set. This set features an ultra-soft and cozy construction for a comfortable and enjoyable lounging experience.
  • Show Your Fandom - Feel a part of the Dragon Ball Z universe with the vibrant colors and images of the Z-Fighters! This unique set brings the world of the Z-Fighters to life, allowing you to show your fandom in a colorful and stylish way.
  • Portable Comfort - The JUST FUNKY Dragon Ball Z Fleece Throw Blanket & Pillow Set is great for those who need comfort and mobility. Its 45” x 60” size makes it ideal for carrying on the go, providing comfort no matter where you travel..
  • Durable Comfort - Enjoy the comfort and convenience of the low-maintenance fleece material that won't wash away or fade when you use this one-of-a-kind blanket and pillow set. With this durable set, you can have a warm and cozy experience all year round.

This blanket is great for any fan of the Z-Fighters, get excited and ready to fight with Earth’s greatest heroes! Get your sense beans ready and travel to your next wasteland in style with this item featuring fighters known across the universe. Punch, kick, block, and ki blast with this blanket of the best fighters! This product will have you screaming for three whole episodes plus two filler episodes as soon as it arrives. You never have to feel drained while supporting the future of the universe! Just bring this blanket and feel immediately recharged and ready to take on every challenger. It's extremely soft and very portable, you can fall asleep anywhere! The best fighters in the galaxy are here in blanket form, the planet of earth lend me your energy with this extremely comfy Dragon Ball Z blanket. Made of a fuzzy material that won't wash away for a while, seriously, do yourself a favor and try this! keep it light and fuzzy by gently washing it in cold water, and tumble dry it. for that fresh-out-of-the-dryer feel!