Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super "Son Goku" Fleece Throw Blanket (45 x 60 inches)

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  • A GIFT FIT FOR A SAIYAN: Any fan of Goku, one of the last Saiyans, would appreciate adding this to their collection. Sleep like a Saiyan so that you can fight with the energy of one.
  • POWER UP YOUR SLEEPING EXPERIENCE: The secret to being a stronger Saiyan involves a good night's rest after a hard day’s training. Beat the villains and get stronger with sleep.
  • DON’T FIGHT FOR COMFORT: One thing a Saiyan doesn’t fight is to sleep! This blanket will ensure you rest comfortably and keep you in fighting shape for the days to come! You can’t win a tournament without a good night's rest.
  • WASH WITH CARE: Make sure your blanket lasts as long as Vegeta’s fighting spirit with the proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that warm, Super Saiyan feeling.
  • GOKU APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45” x 60” fleece blanket Imported. Ages 14+


This blanket is great for any fan of the Z-Fighters, get excited and ready to fight with Earth’s greatest heroes! Get your sensu beans ready and travel to your next wasteland in style with this item featuring fighters known across the universe. Punch, kick, block, and ki blast with this blanket of the best fighters! This product will have you screaming for three whole episodes plus two filler episodes as soon as it arrives. You never have to feel drained while supporting the future of the universe! Just bring this blanket and feel immediately recharged and ready to take on every challenger. It's extremely soft and very portable, you can fall asleep anywhere! The best fighters in the galaxy are here in blanket form, the planet of earth lends me your energy with this extremely comfy Dragon Ball Z blanket. Made of a fuzzy material that won't wash away for a while, seriously, do yourself a favor and try this! keep it light and fuzzy by gently washing it in cold water, and tumble dry it. for that fresh out of the dryer feel!